Saturday, September 24, 2005

Weekend Rant

I don't live in Georgia, but I know people who do. Working parents. And their dipshit governor decided, at 4:30 on Friday afternoon, that all public schools in the state would be closed on Monday and Tuesday to "save energy". HUH??

First of all, how TYPICAL of this guy and his ilk to have absolutely no consideration for people who need to scramble for daycare at the last minute. Secondly, can someone explain exactly how this is going to save energy? Oh right. No school buses. Just parents driving their kids around (let's bus: 30 kids, parents' car: 2 kids...yeah, that seems like a plan).

This is infuriating on so many levels. In NYC, the schools never close (ok, there was a strike a few years ago, but except for that...they don't even have snow days). When I moved to the 'burbs I couldn't believe how often schools close and have delayed openings, etc. Not to mention the fact that parent-coffees are held during the workday, with the unspoken assumption that one parent is not employed.

So, my sympathies to the working parents in Georgia... I know how you feel.

**Edited to add: I suggest that the parents DROP THEIR KIDS OFF AT THE GOVERNOR'S MANSION on Monday and Tuesday!**