Thursday, September 08, 2005

Keep Drinking the Kool-Aid

"There's plenty of blame to go around"
"What about the State and local governments"
"This was a 'surprise'" (check out National Geographic, October 2004, where the scenario was predicted in chlling detail.)
"This is not about race/class"

Uh huh. Read the Timeline.

If you think the media is putting a "spin" on the story, watch Charmaine Neville tell it in her own words here. The video is kind of choppy but you can hear what she has to say.

Does it not bother the Bush supporters that although every reporter has been in tears at some point, Bush hasn't exhibited the slightest bit of emotion? Just the famous "smirk", or that My Pet Goat deer-in-the-headlights look. (I guess that's what happens when you try to save $60 million and wind up spending $150 billion. Oops.)

It really IS ok to admit that the guy you voted for screwed up. The only other choice is that he intentionally abandoned poor people. Remember a prior president who said "The buck stops here"? Saddam Hussein is about to be tried for the deaths of thousands of people in Iraq. If only we could hold this president responsible for the deaths he has caused by, what? Neglect? Ignorance? Incompetence? Indifference? You pick it. The end result is the same.