Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Katie, Matt, Al, Lucas and Panthergirl

Well, The Today Show has come a'callin' again. A few months ago we were in the running for a room-makeover for Lucas. Now, I got a call from them because they are going to do a story on bullying and I had responded to a request for personal stories. (For those who may not know, Lucas has been targeted by bullies for several years at school.)

Today they asked for pictures, and they are going to pick the families this week... we'll see! I'll keep you posted!

Things seem better this year, but Lucas has experienced some really nasty behavior in the past. Like the kid who said "I hope your father dies" when Tony was ill. When Tony DID die, Lucas did not want any of the kids at school to know, so he kept that secret from October until June that year. I found out months after the fact that he had been eating lunch in the nurse's office because he was afraid to sit in the cafeteria. He refused to go out to recess. (You'd think a school would let a parent know, right?)

Anyway, there seems to be a better crop of kids this year so far... I'm hoping it lasts.

Stay tuned... I'm also hoping he gets to promote his fundraiser on the air!