Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Driving for Dough

***UPDATE: Two of our local newspapers are going to do a story on Lucas' efforts, and plan to be at the range on Saturday to photograph him doing his thing!!**

Monday's post:
We just got back from our local driving range. Lucas set up a fundraising station for the Katrina victims, and offered to hit a 100-yard or better drive for every donation of $1 or more. He raised $110! (and hit every drive at least 150 yards, straight as a pin.) I was so proud of him. He had asked "What talent do I have, that I can use to help?" When I suggested something to do with golf he got right on it. I also wondered if he could "perform" under the pressure of someone watching, but he had absolutely no problem. In fact, I think he hit better than ever.

He was SO pleased with himself, and has set his goal at $500. We'll go back to the range each weekend until he reaches that goal, and my company does matching donations so we'll be sending $1000 to the Red Cross...hopefully very soon! (I'll take pictures next weekend. This was so impromptu that I didn't have my camera!)