Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Kids are Alright

I know you probably think I'm making this kid up, but wait until you hear what Lucas did for my birthday.

He told me he wanted to go to the driving range last night, and when we got there he went inside to the pro shop and came out with a putter-trainer club called The Stubby. I'd been practicing with it and mentioned that I wanted to buy it at some point. He handed me the club and said, "It's yours!" When I asked HOW the heck he managed to buy me this club (list $99), he said that he has an "IOU" with the owner of the range to work off the "Lucas price" of the club ($80). He loves helping out at the range, washing golf balls, cleaning up the mini-golf course, etc., so he arranged to do those things in exchange for this club.

His thoughtfulness just blows me away (and of course it was so kind of them to go for it. they love him.)

In addition, my daughter Emma drove two hours last night after work to get here, and she and I will spend the day together today... she's taking me out to lunch and to the movies. She's really strapped for cash these days, so it's a big deal for her. We don't get to spend a whole lot of time alone together, so I'm looking forward to today.

Considering the fact that the power steering pump in my MINI Cooper died on my way home from work on Monday, it's turned out to be a wonderful birthday. (the car gods have not been with me these past few weeks!)

AND... thank you to ALL of my wonderful blog friends and acquaintences for the sweet, funny and supportive birthday wishes. Love you guys!