Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fall Preview '06

Some may recall that last year, I ran a Fall Preview post of things I planned to write about on this blog in the '05-06 season. Well, I came through on some, and others never made it to prime time. Life, work, it all gets in the way of blogging sometimes.

So, this year I'll try and follow through on my scheduled lineup:

"Blue Collar Men in Tights": My family's near-obsession with Halloween, particularly notable are the repeated scenes of my father and uncle (and sometimes grandfather) in drag.

"The Pedo-Files": Last year's promised entry about my near-abductions into white slavery as a teen in NYC. Thank god there was no internet, or I wouldn't be here to tell the tales. I'm sure of it.

"Today is So Yesterday" : Why I won't be watching The Today Show anymore. Meredith Viera? Please.

"The Manny Diaries": The story of Arthur, my daughter's "manny" from birth until she was 8 years old. A better caregiver there will never be.