Sunday, August 27, 2006

Have a Fit!

I've been somewhat of a bad blogger. First, I was away for five days. But then, I discovered FitDay. Maybe it's the Virgo in me, but I cannot resist things that require record keeping, or questionnaires, or competition (even when I'm just competing with myself). I've been wanting to get back into shape for quite awhile now, and this site is the PERFECT way for me to do it. I'm tracking everything I eat and every single activity. Check it's really great! (special thanks to my assistant, LJ, for turning me on to it!)

Why now? Well.......... I'm thrilled to say that I've got a wedding to go to in two weeks. Why thrilled? Because I introduced them!!! Anyone remember Nadia? She and I met a few years ago at a party, and then at another party. She's a fantastic singer and was looking for representation, so I hooked her up with my BEST guy-friend, Rich, who is extremely well-connected in the music industry. But in all honesty... I knew he would FLIP over her.

And I was right. (god, I love that phrase)

They're getting married on September 9th in Camden, Maine...such a gorgeous place!

Lucas and I are driving up there for the weekend, but the best part is that I'm going to "perform the ceremony". They will get married prior to the event, but it will appear that I'm actually hitching them.

If only I had been as good at picking husbands for myself... Oh well! (In the greatest irony of all, Rich introduced me to my first husband. But he refuses to take the credit/blame. Hey, I got a great daughter out of it. In fact, Rich has been pretty much the center of my universe since we met in 1977, because he affected most of the pivotal decisions I've made regarding life and work. I'm happy to return the favor.) goal is to get a really hip and cool dress at Anthropologie, and I want to look smokin' hot in it. A regular Justice of the Piece of Ass. (Is that rude?)

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