Friday, August 11, 2006

Michelle and Michelle

OK, so I am actually awarding the "100,00th Visitor" prize to TWO visitors, since ... oh, it's too complicated. They are going to share the spotlight whether they like it or not. And oddly enough, they are both named Michelle!

First, we have Chele in LA. I'm so happy she's a co-winner because she is a stagehand and I have a special place in my heart for stagehands. She doesn't work on Broadway, though. She works in LA. Still, she's got lots of cool stories about her job, she has a spiffy new template, and she lists me on her rather short blogroll. And she actually spells her name with two L's even though her blog name only has one. I love wacky people like that.

Next, we have Michelle of Occasional Melancholia who revealed herself as visitor number 100,001! She is one of the earliest of my blog-readers, and is still sticking around which I really appreciate. She's a huge Simpsons fan, has three teenagers and can still put a coherent sentance together.

So what will it be, gals? I've got some of this with your name on it!

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