Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Could Be A Winner!!

Sometime in the next day or two, some lucky blog-reader is going to be the 100,000th visitor to The Dog's Breakfast. If it's you, and you're a member of Blog Explosion, I'll award you 50 BE credits and a post dedicated to you and your (hopefully) wonderful blog.! Woo hoo! If you don't belong to BE, I'll still sing the praises of your (please god) extraordinarily entertaining site. If you are not a blogger, but just someone with a lot of time on his/her hands, or just happens to know me in real life, I promise to answer the phone the next time I see your number come up on my Caller ID. And I'll get you some free product from my job. Moisturizer? Laundry Detergent? Shampoo? You name it.
Update: The Site Meter also counts hits on my other blog, Adventures in Cyberia, so go visit that one too!!!

So......... let the games begin!

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