Friday, March 11, 2005

Holy Makeover, Batman!

Last night, before I went to belly dancing (which was great, btw...I can bump and grind with the best of them now. Well sort of. Thank god there are no mirrors), I got a call from the Today Show. You know, the Katie Couric Today Show? A few weeks ago I had spotted something on their website asking parents to write a short essay on why their kid's bedroom needed a makeover. I wrote it in my usual smart-alecky style, and lo and behold...they came a-callin'.

We had to take a ton of pictures and make a video and send everything to them today, and they will make their final decision next week. My only fear is that if they do Lucas' room it's going to make the rest of my house look like crap!

Keep all your fingers and toes crossed! I sure am, which is why my typing might look like akddlaa;dhaianruhgn;alm!!