Thursday, February 23, 2006

Another Vacation Rerun to Keep You Busy

Since Lu asked me in comments if my new haircut was the shortest it's ever been, I decided to rerun this visual history of the various hairstyles of Panthergirl over the years... I had LONNNNNNNG hair all through high school (the down-to-your-ass kind that gets stuck in the toilet if you're not careful). I have to scan a pic of that, though.

Here's an 80s version, replete with spikes... and with the clearly visible tan line!!

I was probably about 22 in this photo... this was after I had cut off most of my mane.

This is another '80s photo...after the spikes grew out. I was trying out my friend's new bathtub. (doesn't this hair look like a wig?)

1988 perm. This one didn't last long. My hair is so straight that a full perm would only stay curly for about a month.

This was SUPER short, circa 1992. I was really, really thin so I could pull it off, but EVERYONE told me I looked like Liza Minnelli (hello? that's NOT a compliment!) so I grew it out and I will never, ever cut it short again.

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