Sunday, February 26, 2006

South Dakota Approves Abortion Ban

If you haven't read this article yet, you need to.

Sometimes I think this country is slowing spiraling backwards in time. I hope that South Dakota is prepared for this legislation, with three very important things:

1. A substantial pot of money to dole out in welfare checks. Oh wait a minute... you mean those anti-abortion folks don't believe in subsidies for poor families? Hm. RIGHT... "no big government". How could I forget? (I guess government just big enough to burrow into a woman's uterus is acceptable.)

2. A population that is prepared to adopt about 800 children every year. (including the less desirable non-white and/or crack addicted ones), But of course, since the children of rape victims can now be raised by their rapist fathers under this bill, some of that slack will be picked up.

3. An EXTENSIVE sex education curriculum for the public school system. Unless, of course, someone is opposed to teaching teenagers about birth control. In which case, see items 1 and 2.

If you are opposed to abortion, don't have one. This legislation is a frightening indication of what can happen in this country if the inmates continue to be allowed to run the asylum.

You know when the government MIGHT back off? When the women of South Dakota want to declare their fetuses as dependents on their tax returns...

To help Planned Parenthood fight this battle, go here.

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