Saturday, February 25, 2006

I Never Learn...

While we were in Atlanta, my sister and I took Lucas to see "Eight Below". If you read my post last July about our experience seeing "March of the Penguins", you might ask what the flock I was thinking...taking Lucas to see this film based on the true survival story of eight sled dogs that were left behind by a team of scientists in Antarctica as a result of an emergency evacuation.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Lucas spent MOST of the movie crying. Not just welling up, but sobbing. Now, without giving much away, I will tell you that *this* version of the story ends [mostly] well. (There's a Japanese version that is closer to the truth). But Lucas spent the entire movie anticipating disaster, and with the building subtitles of "Days on Their Own: 55", etc., he got more and more hysterical.

I kept trying to tell him that it was so amazing that the dogs survived as well as they did... but he was not having it. The movie was quite good, actually, with the exception of the blubbering kid. Yes, it's sweet that he's so sensitive, but honestly I worry for him. It's painful to go through life so raw.

So, if you can handle the dog-drama, go see it. And Paul Walker...well.... WOOF!

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