Sunday, February 12, 2006


(where are the stairs, Mom?)

Having a dog without a yard is REALLY not fun on days like today. Kelso is not going out again until after dinner, and not until he's ready to burst. It was so hard to walk him this morning!! I actually got light headed after about 10 minutes and had to lay down when I came indoors. It was freezing cold, and he couldn't find a 'spot'. Ugh!

The last time we had this much snow was in 1996, and I remember it very clearly. It was in the wee hours of the morning of Lucas' first birthday. He had been crying in the night, so we brought him into our bed. Suddenly, I jumped up because it felt like someone had stowed a hot coal under the covers. It was 3 AM, there was two feet of snow in our driveway, and our baby boy had a temperature of 107.5! Yes, you read that right. I took his temperature three times... 107.5.

We were able to gradually bring the fever down, but it was very scary for about an hour. The good news was that, unlike his sister, he did not have a febrile seizure problem. By sunrise he was happy, giggling and ready to celebrate his birthday.

Fast forward ten years... he's busily working on his Science Fair project. And me? I'm gearing up to do THIS again...

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