Saturday, February 18, 2006

Goin' South

Lucas and I are heading to Atlanta tomorrow morning (and I do mean is picking us up at 6 AM) for the week, to visit my sister. We're also planning to go to the new Georgia Aquarium which should be awesome.

My sister has been down there for over 30 years. Right now she's in Atlanta proper, but for years she lived in Marietta GA, not far from this "landmark".

We laugh every time we see it, because on one visit my mother instructed another family member to "keep an eye out for the giant coffee pot."

Speaking of laughing, Luke and I had to stop at our local CVS today to buy "Earplanes". Those are the special earplugs you use when flying. I tend to suffer from "ice pick through the temples" on descent, so finding these things is critical before any trip for me. We couldn't figure out where CVS would shelve them, so we split up and continued our search. Suddenly, from three aisles away, I hear "MOM... would they be in FAMILY PLANNING??" I called back, "Er, NO..." But Lucas persisted: "C'mon, if a FAMILY is PLANNING to go on VACATION...???"

Kids. Gotta love 'em.

See you guys next weekend. I'll have my laptop and may throw out a few reruns during the week... **and of course, please visit One Man Bandwidth, the sidebar tenant of the week! Gotta love that blogname.**

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