Saturday, March 05, 2005

MINI Driver

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I love my MINI. (I also love to look at this photo, taken in October, when there was NO SNOW.) This is an amazing car to drive (it's a 6-speed S, with 195-hp...for an itty bitty car, that's fast.), but there's also a whole sub-culture of MINI people. I don't think Taurus drivers flash their brights at each other in recognition. Or do they? Anyway...just another peek into my world. (I still have an SUV, but I'm getting ready to trade it in for something smaller like a RAV-4. The MINI is the dog-free zone.)

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Speaking of dogs, on MONDAY I will be running my comment fundraiser for Greyhound Rescue & Rehab, our local non-profit greyhound adoption group. I'll post more info tomorrow, but basically I will donate $2 for every comment posted to a particular blogpost on MONDAY. There will also be a prize drawing for those who donate to GRR directly, a gift certificate donated by Julie of Jul of the Day. To see what you can get, go to Jakk's Magic Bean Workshop. (just put "TDB" in the memo field on the Paypal form to be entered into the drawing). More details about the Gift Certificate will be posted tomorrow.

Please promote the fundraiser on your blog...we've all done some great work for Tsunami Relief and other charities, but that also makes it harder for some of the less well-known non-profits who need help.

Again, the comment fundraiser starts MONDAY. Direct donations to GRR, with "TDB" in the memo field, will be entered into the drawing from today through Tuesday at 9 PM. For more info on the Greyhounds, see my previous post.

Thanks everyone!!!