Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Results are IN!

And the winner of the GRR Donation Raffle is..... Sharron!. She wins the $50 Gift Certificate to buy some cool jewelry at Jakk's Magic Bean Workshop!.

Please go visit Sharron and congratulate her!

The good news is that between my donation and the ones from my readers, GRR will be able to pay for 2 spays (the adoption groups pay for all of the veterinary work when the dogs come off the track, including the repair of broken bones). The less-than-great news is that although the comment turnout was GREAT, the donation turnout was teeny.

So, I'm not doing my malaprop post today! (I'll save it for another day,'s too good not to.) I will, however, go back to our regularly scheduled silliness a little later in the day. Right now I have to get my butt dressed and off to work!

Thank you again for participating in the comment fundraiser! If you missed it, I'll do it again later this year.