Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"Wednesday's Child"

Does your local news station do a segment called "Wednesday's Child", featuring a child in foster care who needs to be adopted? Mine does. So, here at TDB we are introducing our own weekly segment. The difference is that it features a BLOG that, in my humble opinion, does not get nearly enough attention.

Today's "Wednesday's Child" is Two Chemists and Their Greyhound Sidekick. I've known "pinky" for a few years through a greyhound message board, and she found me here in the blogosphere. She's a wonderful writer and very, very funny. (She and her husband are chemists and they just bought a Honda ELEMENT. Anyone who would spend over $20K to make a pun is ok in my book.)

Go visit Pinky. And feel free to send me ideas for future Wednesday's children.