Thursday, March 24, 2005

Made it Back...Barely!

Thanks for all the comment-love while I was gone! I was able to check in a few brief moments here and there...and it was great to have some connection to the blogosphere!

The trip was great, although we flew up and back on an 18-seater (not my favorite thing to do). Coming back we flew into a blizzard (even less fun, and I kept thinking of that Twilight Zone episode where the ghoul appears at the window of the plane. That was SO comforting...NOT!). The drive home from the airport was even hairier, but at least I had my boss who is a longtime great friend with me so I wasn't as freaked out as I would have been.

We stayed at a crap Marriott Hotel in Yorkville, because it's two blocks from the office. Unfortunately it was about 10 blocks from the room to the elevator (or certainly seemed like it). Yorkville is nice, though, and we ate (twice!) at Sassafraz...a gorgeous and amazing restaurant on Cumberland. I even drank a little (unusual for me)...two Mojitos in three days! Woo hoo! What a boozer.

My meeting went really well (made a presentation to about 30 people, telling them about a packaging artwork management process that I designed for the US). They loved it and are going to adopt it as well. I actually love making presentations and doing training...It's fun to be the "teacher" ("Class! All eyes on me!")

Did a ton of walking, went to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Feathered Dinosaur exhibit, bought a couple of Woody Allen movies ($10 Canadian! Cheap!), and got a little break from the kids/dog.

Have a lot of reading (blogs and otherwise) to catch up on. I'm off most of next week so I'll be a busy blogger. I promise!