Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday Sound Bites

Still not quite back in full typing mode, but better. There are just a few things I want to throw out there. Discuss.

1. When you comment on someone's blog, would you rather that person email an answer to you, or answer it in the comments? I get a lot of email responses which is nice, but on some blogs the comments seem to spur a conversation which is nice too.

I'm really not sure what's better! Help me out here.

2. I sent off our packette to the Today Show. They will make a decision early next week as to whether or not Lucas' room gets their Spring Makeover. We took pictures and made a video, which I turned into a really fun iDVD. For some reason, I tend to get responses when I apply for these things. When Emma was in High School, I wrote to the Dr. Phil show about dealing with a gifted underachiever and they called me almost immediately. The had to speak with Emma before they'd book us, and she didn't want to discuss her school issues on national TV. Oh well!

3. Belly dancing class was really fun and unbelievably hard. But I'm really good at the boob-shake. (I asked if we'd get to do the tassle thing. She said I might be in the wrong class.)

4. I'm off to Chicago on business for three days next week. God, I love that town. So gorgeous.

5. I'm going to do some scanning this weekend. I have a few good posts planned. Between my hurty finger and being really busy at work this week, I've fallen behind in my blog writing AND READING. Hopefully I can get caught up today.

6. I'm reading the Jenna Jameson book (see sidebar). Very interesting...could have been me, if I hadn't made some pivotal decisions along the way...

7. This week in Reality TV: I love The Contender (even though Sly Stallone is an ass), I'm so happy The Amazing Race is back, I was bummed that Wife Swap wasn't on, I'm getting bored by Survivor and The Apprentice. Anwar should win American Idol. And then marry me. [note: this is what happens to a person who does not have an actual life of her own]

8. The best thing about Reality TV? Joel McHale on "The Soup" on E! I'm going to marry him after I divorce Anwar.

9. I hate snow.

10. That's all, but I couldn't leave it at 9.