Friday, March 04, 2005

Only Because You Asked...

Here's a pic of me in my HS Uniform. ( I thought it was cool to substitute the penny loafers with lace-up dominatrix boots.) This was pre-Brooke Shields, hence the lack of eyebrows.

I like this one, though. It was taken on "Recollection Day", which was one of those goofy events where we didn't have to wear uniforms, but had to sit through "folk Mass" and sing Kumbaya. Then we'd break up into small groups with a few teachers to talk about deep stuff. As you can see, we didn't take it too seriously. In the background is the "Love & Pinches" guy, and next to him is a teacher I loved. We thought he was hilarious because he'd say stuff like "Many were cold, but few were frozen." And, ironically, he once told me: "Marian, you're not the marryin' kind." HA! (check out my friend on the left with the Italian Afro!)