Sunday, June 26, 2005

Adventures in Cyberia


Our first "family" in Cyberia...the Sims neighborhood I created for us. I just spent about a half an hour posting the links to each person's blog and a recap of today's events but Blogger ate my post!

You can see some screenshots from today's activities here:
The Bloginskis

So, you have the links for Dawn, Deni and Micah (see previous post). I gave Dawn a hat and some braids!

I added three more bloggers to make this group of roomies:
Robin of The Wisdom of Funky Bugs (dark hair, red top)
Easy (EC) of Glory-Road (Cardinals hat)
Karan/Rugdesigner of The Shoes Keep Dropping... (seated in front)

Dawn wants to be popular but she acts kind of dumb so everyone's annoyed with her. She and the guys are still unemployed. Deni, Robin and Karan have accepted some, er, weird jobs. All six of them are living in a 2 bedroom house.