Saturday, June 18, 2005

Family Reunion

pretty&cody, originally uploaded by panthergirl.

This is so cool. My friend Jason adopted Cody (on the right) about 18 months ago (he's 4 now). Cody was badly injured on the track and Jason patiently nursed him back to health.

Recently, he discovered that Cody's mom was finishing out her career as a brood bitch after birthing a total of 24 pups. Her name is Pretty, and he made arrangements to have her transported from Kansas to Bridgeport where he picked her up this past Thursday.

Pretty is ELEVEN years old...and now she'll live out the rest of her life with her baby boy.

I haven't posted about greyhounds in awhile, but remember if you want to contribute to our adoption group (it's costly to keep the dogs in foster care and provide medical services until they are adopted), click HERE. The greyhounds thank you!!!