Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sister Act

studio shot 1958

I'm so excited because my sister Loretta is coming to visit tomorrow and staying until Tuesday. She's the eldest, I'm the "baby". My middle sister, Corinne, doesn't speak to us but that's a story for another day. Or two. (To keep your interest piqued, there's a cross-dresser involved. And she's married to him.) I often refer to my sisters as the "good witch" and the "bad witch".

Anyway, I loved Loretta when I was little, but she and I weren't so close once I got to be a rebellious teen (she actually told my mother not to let me see "The Graduate" when I was 13 because it was 'full of bedroom scenes'. Well, shit! Why do you think I wanted to see it??). In recent years that has all changed. She went to college while her kids were in school and became a free-thinking, liberal feminist (which also caused her straight-laced conservative husband to flip out. He's now her straight-laced conservative EX-husband). She became an interesting and fun woman and even learned to say the F word! (I like to say I taught her everything she knows.)

Whenever we're together we laugh non-stop, mostly about my mother and sometimes about the "bad witch" and her cross-dressing husband. Lucas loves having her here too, and was kind of disappointed that I'm not traveling on business or something so he can have her to himself.

She'll kill me for posting these, I'm sure, but here are a few more blasts from the past... To get back in her good graces, I will include one current sexy one!

easter_girls 1960

(dig those dresses... and my glasses! Also, that was my idea of a smile. I've got a ton of pictures making that same face.)


Isn't Marge just thrilled to be a mom?


Loretta a few months ago. She's 9 1/9 years older than I am. Do the math... isn't she amazing?