Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Little More Sims Info

A few things...

1. I will still be posting content OTHER than the Sims stuff, for those who aren't interested in that. (what are you, nuts?)

2. For those who aren't that familiar with the game, I don't have a lot of control over some aspects of the game. For example, when there was a fire in the kitchen yesterday, and Robin freaked out, a therapist literally dropped from the sky to treat her. All I do is try to keep them happy (send them to bed when they are tired, make sure they learn things like mechanics so they can fix stuff, etc.) and I can encourage various kinds of interaction (chatting, flirting, hitting on, etc. Not that I would do THAT. har har.

3. Although the families will live in different houses, the individual Sims will drop in on each other and maybe we'll throw a party this weekend!

4. Another thing I do when creating each Sim is assign an "aspiration" (choosing from Fortune, Knowledge, Family, Romance and Popularity).

The Bloginskis break down as follows:

Deni: Fortune
Dawn: Popularity
Micah: Fortune
Karan: Family
Robin: Knowledge
E.C. - Family

5. And last but NOT LEAST: One thing I hope to achieve with this game is to introduce you to each other's blogs!!! I'm starting a separate blogroll in my sidebar for the participants, with the word "SIM" after their blogname. Go visit!!

Now, I must get back to the labORatory.... nyuk nyuk nyuk ....