Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Meet the Roflers

OK.... although eating, sleeping, working and parenting are getting in the way, I have managed to create a second Sim family and move them into their house in Cyberia. Micah has greeted them already!

Introducing.... The Roflers!


Me (aka P.G.)
and Julie

The boys have romance on their minds... and someone had better learn to cook because we've already had TWO fires! Julie got a job as a scientist and Nadia is going to work in a restaurant! Micah Bloginski stopped by wearing his mascot costume. Heidi and Julie have been boogying, Kevin likes to play darts with me. Charlie has been trying to chat up all the women.

See and read tonight's escapades here:
The Rofler Family

Now, in case you're wondering what the Bloginskis are up to, wonder no more.

Dawn's wants and fears = Deni

Dawn is obsessed with Deni. She wants to be Deni's friend, wants to flirt with Deni, is afraid Deni will reject her. All Deni, all the time.

Micah is taking over for another more famous team mascot. Can't wait to see the new costume.

For the Bloginski update, go here:
The Bloginski Family .

If you look closely, you'll see Dawn hugging Deni. ;)